Exploring Graphic Design: Overview and 8 Types of Graphic Designs

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Types of Graphic designs is the artwork of visible verbal exchange that mixes words, images, and different visible factors to bring records and thoughts to an audience. If you’ve read a billboard, navigated subway maps, or enjoyed an infographic online, you have a graphic designer to thank.

It is a wide and multifaceted field. Graphic design is the presentation of visible statistics via accomplishing a message to an audience. In e-commerce, having graphic design skills is a nice idea because good graphic design work can make your business distinctive and unique from competitors. Here is an introduction to graphic design and common gear that would be used to design your very own work.

Understanding What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the act of conveying a message to a given audience through the use of visual materials. The art can be implemented in many sites, including advertising, branding, printing and electronic media, packaging of products, and web development.

For example, a freelance graphic designer can produce magazine advertisements, product labels, or web page designs. They utilise computer software applications to produce attractive graphic images. By selecting their colours, photos, and fonts, graphic designers help the company create a strong brand identity and present that brand to the company’s consumers.

Many types of graphic designs function in many ways. Graphic design of any kind implies the use of graphic aids to communicate clearly and attractively. Be it a logo, a website, or a brochure, graphic design helps shape people’s perceptions of a brand.

Types Of Graphic Designs

Graphic designers handle a variety of print and digital projects. Here are eight common types of graphic designs:

1️⃣ Branding Design

Brand graphic designers increase the visual identification of a brand, including things like the use of colours, typography, pix, or even patterns. They are commonly hired to create a logo and brand collateral, like illustrations and simple infographics. Senior designers often do this kind of work. If you need a graphic design company in Dubai, they can help you develop your brand’s visual identity.

For companies looking for a web designer in Dubai, these professionals also help ensure that the same branding is carried out throughout all digital channels, ensuring your website is in sync with your overall brand persona.

2️⃣ UX Design

User experience design, commonly known as UX design, is the study of actions undertaken by users in employing specific platforms (like a website, landing page or an application). UX designers consider the flow of information, what a user will expect, the user journey, and the visual aesthetics.

They collaborate closely with product managers and developers to understand their design’s technical aspects, like how quickly a page will load. A graphic designer in Dubai who specializes in UX design helps ensure that digital experiences are easily navigated and intuitive.

If you are looking for a freelance graphic designer in Dubai, they have the experience to create user-friendly designs that make it easy to use your website or application. They also ensure the design is pleasing, useful, and efficient for the user.

3️⃣ UI Design

User interface design (UI design) is a part of UX design, which concerns the small visual details that make it comfortable for the user to work with digital surfaces. UI design makes websites, landing pages, and applications easy, attractive, and productive.

While UX designers deal with comprehensive user experience, UI designers deal with details such as icons, buttons, fonts, and menus. If you need a senior graphic designer, they typically can work on both UX and UI design projects.

To ensure top-notch digital experiences, you should hire a UI/UX designer in Dubai. Such professionals put their hearts and minds into designing visually pleasing and user-friendly interfaces. Thus, your digital solutions, more often than not, become effective and user-favorable.

4️⃣ Environmental Design

Environmental graphic design is concerned with the visual personality of physical places. Environmental designers produce physical objects such as signs, posters, banners, window decals, and the like that allow people to navigate a given space. Most of the time, they design using 3D models so that they can confirm that their design will fit in the physical realm.

If you need graphic design services, environmental designers can help make your physical spaces more engaging and easy to navigate. They can add an extra dimension to your physical places to make them more attractive and navigable.

A Shopify Plus agency for those working on integrating platforms such as Shopify will ensure that existing online and physical brands are aligned to help improve the overall customer experience in the digital and physical world.

5️⃣ Information Design

Information design is a graphical design venture involving the creation of figures, data, and technical information in a way that is to be represented in a clear and understandable form. An information designer usually draws infographics, charts, diagrams, or more custom-made data visualizations, but it is for one purpose: understanding complex data.

It is one of the features in the vast graphic design industry that helps clients have complex information systematically and straightforwardly.

If one ever needed a freelance graphic designer, especially in information design, to make data look its best and most interesting, these would be the people to go for. They are experts in translating complex information into highly legible graphics.

6️⃣ Marketing or Advertising Design

In marketing or advertising graphic design, people create the imagery that is the advertisement or marketing campaign: a picture to help readers understand or take an interest in an article on a blog post, social media post, digital ad, or print flyer. They also design email newsletters and landing pages for promotions. The objective is to convey their client’s message memorably and stunningly visually.

The professional members of a graphic design company in Dubai do the tasks properly so that the designs can be localized for the local market.

Most of the time, such creative artists in the advertisement and promotion field are best referred to as art directors. So, if you need some great web designers in Dubai, they help ensure the production of consistent, aesthetically appealing promotional literature.

7️⃣ Packaging Design

This would entail product packaging design that syncs with the client’s business branding. Packaging may include shelf packaging, product labels, inserts, instructions, and shipping materials. However, packaging designers also factor in materials used in the product, printing and ink limitations, and sustainability.

A graphic designer in Dubai is professionally taken care of for all your needs, making it a perfect identikit for your requirements. If you need the services, a freelance graphic designer in Dubai can render perfect packaging designs up to satisfactory quality.

8️⃣ Print Design

Print designers work with magazines, books, pamphlets, flyers, and signs. This class entails both the creators of the covers and those of the interiors. They, too, work in a CMYK colour scheme and make sure the colours print out okay. Other technical details that need to be considered include what margins to use for the page, image quality, what kind of paper, and the options for binding.

You would have a senior graphic designer who can clearly and accurately handle the work. A UI UX designer can also be hired from Dubai in circumstances that arise when you need to make your design better for your digital appearance, in which your design would be user-friendly and good-looking.

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5 Elements Of Graphic Design

The following are 5 elements central to graphic design projects:

1️⃣ Color

Colour theory is handy when offering graphic design services to develop visuals that send the intended message. For example, one colour could make people hungry, whereas blue could calm them.

2️⃣ Image and Shape

The Shopify Plus agency mainly uses pictures and forms that set specific visual effects and tone or convey even challenging ideas. These may be shown using icons, photos, infographics, or whole-colored illustrations.

3️⃣ Layout

Graphic design is all about layout. Where, for instance, should the headline lie—to the left of the webpage or the right? How should the text in your book or magazine be arranged? What size should the images used at the end be? Finally, we ask the question of what level of white space is desirable: how much is optimal and how much is excessive? All questions that the freelance graphic designer can answer.

4️⃣ Line

A graphic design company in Dubai disintegrates information into thick and thin lines, straight and curved lines, abstract lines, or lines forming part of a larger illustration; it slashes up the eye of the viewer and makes the design attractive. If you need a Website Designer in Dubai, they will correctly put the designs with nice lines.

5️⃣ Typography

When designing text, a graphic designer in Dubai would always consider the typeface, font size, weight—if it’s bold or italic—leading, and kerning. A freelance graphic designer in Dubai would ensure the text is perfect.

4 Popular Tools for Types of Graphic Designs

Graphic designers use various tools to create their designs. Here are 4 of the most popular ones:

1️⃣ Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Suite comprises other efficient applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design. These fabulous tools contain numerous features that professional designers will find helpful. However, they can be challenging for beginners because they have many options.

Photoshop and Illustrator are great for image-based designs, while InDesign is best for working with text and layouts. A senior graphic designer will often use these tools to create professional designs. Even though Adobe products are the priciest on this list, a yearly Adobe Creative Cloud subscription gives you access to all their tools.

If you need someone to create user-friendly and visually appealing designs, hire a UI UX designer in Dubai who is skilled in using Adobe Creative Suite.

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2️⃣ Canva

Canva has icons and templates of designs that are ready for anyone to use to create any design. These can be used to design different digital artworks like social media posts, flyers, and logos, to mention a few. It is especially true for the first ones or those learning the ropes without starting with a blank page/drawing. Canva suits various typographic types of graphic designs, making it multifunctional and convenient. 

This design platform offers many free elements in the creation process that will appeal to any designer, regardless of speciality. For those seeking options for more control, a pro membership is offered, which can be paid every year. Freelance graphic designers working online can also use Canva, as it is an easy-to-use web tool with a wide variety of elements available.

3️⃣ GIMP

GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation Program, is an online photo editor which allows designers to upload images to the site and alter their photo or illustration work. It’s free and will enable you to find many user-made plugins and modifications for custom needs. A graphic design company in Dubai might use GIMP for various projects due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

While GIMP can be used to create original images, most of its features are focused on editing existing photos. If you are looking for a Web designer in Dubai, they might also use GIMP for tasks like photo retouching and creating web graphics.

4️⃣ Sketch

Sketch is a design tool that allows more than one designer to work on the same project without changing between the project files. Its collaboration feature is especially useful in design projects where individuals must share ideas and work together at different stages, from initial ideas to polished designs. A graphic designer in Dubai might find Sketch particularly useful for team projects.

Sketch offers a 30-day free trial with two paid plans: a standard plan and a more expensive business plan with extra features. A freelance graphic designer in Dubai can benefit from these options, choosing the plan that best fits their needs and budget while enjoying the collaborative tools Sketch provides.