What Is Shopify Sales Channel? Top Shopify Sales Channels To Boost Your Store In 2024

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Shopify sales channels are the lifeline of new customers looking to boost sales in their shops. However, the options available, from social media to several online marketplaces, might be overwhelming.

This becomes easy on Shopify due to the range of third-party apps available in its Shopify App Store. For example, the apps allow entrepreneurs to weave new sales channels neatly into their storefronts. In today’s blog post from BSS Commerce Shopify, we will highlight the Top 10+ sales channel apps in Shopify built by credible developers.

These apps must be noticed, starting from scratch or growing your shop. It’s that time to find the best sales channels for Shopify to help you with your business.

Exploring Shopify Sales Channels

These are available on various platforms through the Shopify Sales Channel. When used well, they can help build the brand and bring many more customers to your store.

With the top Shopify sales channels, selling products online will be a breeze. The channels link to the business, allowing for improved customer service, your brand tailored to precise specs, and an updated inventory across platforms.

Here is the breakdown of each sales channel that you should follow:

Shopify Sales Channels: Start with an online store tailor-made for your business. 

Top Shopify Sales Channels: Make a sale at your retail location or out of the trunk of your car with Shopify POS. 

Shopify CRO: List your products on the Shop app and start talking to customers through the app. 

Use Shopify Inbox with your favorite messaging apps for more personal customer conversations. 

If you want to sell in bulk, the Wholesale channel provides the features to sell products to other businesses. 

If you have wholesale opportunities in mind, then the Handshake marketplace is for you. 

Of course, do not forget about using social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok—all these platforms will help you reach a much broader target group. 

Some sales channels are location—and plan-dependent on your Shopify plan.

Why Use Shopify Sales Channels?

Scale your business with hundreds of Shopify Sales Channel Apps in your store. Take your business from Facebook and Instagram to Google by connecting them with your store to manage your products, orders, and customers from one simplified location. 

Manage all your sales activities under one dashboard, which will help you oversee the best sales channels for Shopify. You can manage your sales activity across all these channels, thus improving the opportunity for a sale and maintaining branding consistency from different social media platforms. 

Take advantage of Shopify’s sales distribution points and expand the opportunity, as competitors tend to concentrate and limit themselves to only one platform. 

At this point, as a Shopify Plus Agency, you would have realized by now that promotions and seasonal campaigns across all these channels lead to more targeted sales events and special deals that get customers to buy, ultimately resulting in increased sales at peak shopping periods. 

Social proof can influence the clientele you want to entice to your Shopify sales channel. You build social proof through platforms such as TikTok and Facebook, with customer ratings and reviews, affirming to the clients about their purchases. 

This is a stride toward advancing customer satisfaction and goes a long way toward building a solid and lasting rapport with your clientele. Generally, each sales channel on Shopify comes with its own dashboard. 

This is meant to give a detailed view of recent sales and traffic for that particular channel. Each sales channel on Shopify comes with a dashboard. It should provide a detailed view of recent sales and traffic for that specific channel. Use all these sales channels to expand your base, streamline your workflow, and increase sales to maintain a solid and consistent brand presence across online platforms.

Top Shopify Sales Channels To Boost Your Store In 2024

Here is the complete list of the top Shopify sales channels that you should consider for your online store in 2024:

① Online Store

The most popular step a beginning entrepreneur can take is to open an online store. According to Business Growth Experts, you can create a shop your way and communicate with customers directly. This model offers direct-to-consumer (DTC) complete control of profits and further strengthens your brand as DTC eCommerce is growing fast worldwide. In addition, most customers prefer purchasing from independent stores rather than multi-brand retailers.

But driving traffic to your site might be a headache early on. This is where Growth Hacking Experts recommend using your Shopify store as a hub to connect with the other Shopify Sales Channels. It helps channel visitors from diverse channels back into your store, widening your audience and sales opportunities.

Shopify POS and other tools let you easily integrate with multiple sales channels to reach the most comprehensive extension of your store. Starting with Shopify comes cost-friendly, with the least initial cost and a free trial that can get you rolling at no expenses on your head.


Basic: $25

Shopify: $65

Advanced: $399

Utilize these strategies to enhance your sales leads and keep your profits free from third-party branding or product restrictions.

sales channels

② Facebook & Instagram

Selling on Facebook and Instagram powers your business to reach more people. Seamlessly manage everything from Shopify: easily manage orders and returns with marketing tools that help you sell your products effectively.”. Integrate your operations and tap into Shopify Sales Channels that easily allow you to target the audience you want.

Moreover, such frictionless in-app shopping experiences are great ways to attract new customers and easily guide them from discovering your product to purchasing. Automatically sync your products to your Facebook Shop and Instagram Shopping from one place.

Probably the most important of all the top Shopify sales channels, this feature allows you to create ads and shoppable posts where your customers are likely to engage the most.

Highlight Features:

Dive into the analytics of what truly sells best and gets the most attention amongst your content. Ensure your ad results get boosted with a conversion pixel—the all-important Shopify CRO tool. “Set up your shop easily with just one account connection.”. Keep your efforts streamlined with an inventory that updates itself. Email and live chat customer support through Meta for quick, instant help whenever you need human assistance.

③ Point of Sale

Next on the list is the best-rated Shopify sales channel — Point of Sale (POS) — where Shopify POS powers in-person and online sales. It is the point-of-sale solution for flexible retail that nicely merges with your online and retail store, thus increasing the capability of your platform to enhance sales conversions.

This integration smoothes the management and strengthens customer relationships, instantly turning it into a favorite among business growth experts.

Shopify POS has features to help you sell, monitor your business’s performance, and manage customers, orders, and inventory—all running in one efficient package. With features like Local Pickup and Delivery and selling from multiple locations, it now reaches more customers and allows them to shop easily.

Such an approach has won accolades from Growth Hacking Experts for gaining customers by providing them with a great shopping experience.

Highlight Features: Features included, such as email carts, shipping options, and local pickup, will all help you increase your conversion rates. View product details, inventory levels, and customer profiles instantly to keep your operations running smoothly.

Accept payment with different options, such as reasonable gift cards or split payment, and allow easy exchange or return. Use retail checkout equipment that is reliable and ready to process payments at any time. Leverage integrated omnichannel technologies, such as online and in-store operations management, that you would manage out of multiple platforms with Shopify POS.


Shopify POS Lite: Free Shopify POS Pro—$89/month The above benefits make Shopify POS an invaluable Sales Channel for businesspersons who want better operational efficiency and high customer satisfaction.

④ Google & YouTube

Most merchants fancy Google and YouTube apps. Easy to navigate, its interface integrates easily with other marketing apps, and it has immense power in marketing. This drives traffic to sales on a bigger scale, making it easy for your website to gel with Google Shopping or YouTube Ads.

You can link your products, promotions, or shipping details through the Google Merchant Center. And with every sync, it’s turning browsers into buyers. It’s a smart move—as suggested by Shopify Sales Channel Apps.

Merchants’ critical problems include managing extensive inventories, bearing account suspensions, and ‘misrepresentation’ warnings. Other issues they will have to deal with are inaccuracies in data tracking and initial areas of complications, such as Shopify.


Connect your store to Google Merchant Center to show off your products across Google services. Boost your sales with Google AI Performance Max ad campaigns. Easily connect your shop with YouTube; viewers can seamlessly watch your videos and shop. Pair what you’re doing on eCommerce with Google Analytics for deep insights.

Sync your Shopify products with Google to ensure that your offers, shipping, and return information is current. Such tools empower Google and YouTube, making Shopify Plus Agency highly effective in expanding the reach and increasing the number of customers converted more efficiently.

sales channels for Shopify

⑤ TikTok

Already integrated with the TikTok app, the Shopify Sales Channel provides a straight line to one of the largest and busiest customer bases. Thanks to the popularity of # TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, you could reach committed shoppers instead of passive viewers. So, any company that wants to attract new customers should take advantage of this trend.

More so, TikTok functionalities such as ‘Duet,’ ‘Stitch,’ and ‘Shopping’ are known to ensure viewership activity and excellent product selling. In another analysis, some of the leading Shopify sales channels found the tool necessary due to in-depth analytics and targeted advertising. That should help you sharpen your content strategy and make every marketing effort more impactful.

The TikTok app easily allows you to set up ad campaigns that resonate with your product display. It will be the most effective Shopify CRO tool for advertisers, as they can sync their product catalog and display through in-feed videos and live sessions on TikTok Shop.

Highlight Features: Easily create TikTok-style ads in just a few clicks from your product images or videos. Make the most of your ad dollars by making your ad measurements more precise—simply put, install TikTok Pixel. This is where you can manage your orders, track your new sales, and sell to them in the United States with TikTok Shop.

⑥ Pinterest

Quickly put your products in front of a massive Pinterest audience using a discovery and shopping platform. Easily connect your Pinterest account by installing Shopify’s Pinterest app. You can publish Product Pins in seconds, update your product catalog daily, and track performance with the Pinterest Tag. Perfect to be one of Shopify Sales Channel Apps. This setting helps you naturally engage with Pinterest users who would, in turn, find, save, and buy your products directly from your website effortlessly.

Moreover, Shopify’s best sales channel lets you extend your reach by launching campaigns directly from the interface, targeting brand awareness, interest generation, or sales-driving.

Highlight Features:

Put your product catalog almost in real-time. Make all your products available to Pinterest users, thus extending your exposure at no additional effort. Track the conversions and get in-depth insights on how products are faring with Pinterest Tag, a powerful solution for every Shopify Plus Agency to tailor optimized sales strategies.

Your products come to life, and you come face to face with your potential customers by creating shoppable ads to promote the products of your choice, maximizing the functionality of the sales channel on Shopify. Plus, receive 0 in ad credits to launch your first Pinterest ad campaign with a bang.

⑦ Shop Channel

The Shop channel is the nucleus of your brand’s Shop app. It’s the best way because you can speak directly to your customers, respond to their reviews promptly, and even automate your way to more sales. Business Growth Experts highly encourage this, as this notion gets to the crux of the issue and helps significantly strengthen customer relationships while simultaneously driving business growth.

It also gives you complete control over showing your brand on the Shop app.

It easily fits into your existing assets and helps create a mobile app storefront representing your brand’s identity. Growth Hacking Experts recommend this strategic customization for effectively capturing and retaining customer interest.

Features Highlighted: 

Prime your sales with the most effective Shopify Sales Channel. Shop Pay offers quick checkout. 

Make your shop more transparent, build trust, and click to join with the Track with Shop button. 

Customize your storefront for the mobile app with unique assets that express your brand and add to the user experience. 

Personalized product recommendations are one of the best features of any Shopify POS system. They help you win customers while retaining them. 

Insights: Track your shop channel performance with critical performance analytics to continue iterating on strategies.

⑧ Shopify Marketplace Connect

Shopify Marketplace Connect (formerly Codisto) turns big global platforms like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Etsy into accessible, affordable opportunities for merchants to sell. With just one app, you can connect your Shopify product catalog to over 40 marketplaces. That makes managing and synchronizing listings, orders, and inventory accessible—all within Shopify, the best companion tool for Shopify Sales Channels.

Highlight Features:

This links your products to major marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy, making it one of the best Shopify Sales Channels for increasing your market reach. 

It seamlessly synchronizes your market listings, orders, and inventory from these markets with Shopify. 

Tailor your shipping and fulfillment strategies to suit your business needs, enhancing your Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). 

Connect unlimited marketplace accounts to enjoy extensive flexibility in growing your business. 

Broaden your sales into different regional markets and product categories with automatic currency conversion, making international transactions a breeze. 

This makes it easy to handle different marketplace channels and effectively targets a broader customer base.

⑨ Buy Button

Make it easy for you to focus on selling. With the Buy Buttons app, you can create fast, simple checkout links for products or collections. This tool easily integrates any product or collection with a buy button into the website or blog, hence its usefulness among Shopify Sales Channel Apps. You can personalize the button style and colors according to your branding, then copy and paste the HTML wherever needed.

You can also generate Quick Checkout links where the shopper will go directly to your Checkout page. Pick the product and the variant, then share it with the link via email, DM, or social. This places it among the best direct sales channels for Shopify.

Highlight Features:

Allow the shoppers to complete their purchases directly from any website or blog. 

Improve how you display and showcase your wares to your blog or website visitors so that they blend in perfectly with your present content. 

Make the fonts, colors, and layout your own so that your online shop integrates seamlessly with the site’s style. A Shopify Plus Agency usually covers this level of detail. 

Easily update your product details from your Shopify account without touching any code on your site. 

Track your sales with the detailed sales overview available on your Shopify Home. These two features make Buy Buttons an invaluable tool for engaging with customers and smoothly transferring them from your blog or external website to purchase.

⑩ Shop Inbox

With the messaging app Shopify Inbox, you can chat with customers in real-time as they browse your store. It’s on fire: 70% of the people inside are browsing and looking to buy something. This makes it one of the most valuable parts of the Shopify Sales Channel Apps for helping you engage with customers personally.

For example, while chatting with a client, one can see instant data on what products they have been looking at, what products are in their cart, and what orders have been made.

This will allow you to personalize your messages and improve the buying experience, as one of the best sales channels for Shopify is email. You can suggest products or discount the price, allowing them to bump the entire cart value.

Highlight Features:

Add chat functionality and monitor its effectiveness directly from your Shopify admin area. This would be considered bread and butter to a Shopify Plus Agency, enhancing client interaction.

With the Shop app, you can handle all your online store chats and conversations from one place, powering up your Shopify sales channel. You can view the profile and details of the cart for quick orientation with the person you are talking to.

Send product suggestion images or discounts directly in the chat, making the conversation more engaging and potentially lucrative. Automate greetings, collect contact information, and automatically answer common questions to save your and your customers’ efforts. With Shopify Inbox, reaching and supporting your customers is easy, making it practical and personal with every interaction.