Explore the New Shopify App Store: Easy Ways to Find Apps That Help Your Business Grow

The Shopify App Store is here, and this is one launch we’re very proud of. The new platform quickly points all the merchants to everything they need for a more unique business.

Because your business is unique in every dimension and keeps changing with time, these are the committed app developers you would want. The community is committed to making you flexible tools with which your business will thrive uniquely.

We say, “Apps make our users’ businesses even better.” And it goes true—85% of Shopify merchants rely on apps to function in operational activities within their business. Thousands of developers’ hands have created apps to help you set up, do more with marketing, scale intelligently, and do everything else for better time management.

On the other hand, so many specialized plans are available that choosing the right one for your business can be a challenge.

This is precisely why we are so excited about the launch. With the new Shopify App Store, you’ll be able to find the apps you need like never before.

It was completely revamped with a fresh design.

The beautiful, redesigned layout is the first thing you’ll notice when you visit the new Shopify App Store. This fresh look makes your shopping experience as enjoyable on a computer as on your phone. We’re called a Shopify Plus agency because we’re getting better at what we do, making it easier for you.

The Shopify App Store has always been challenging to navigate. According to their feedback, we’ve sorted everything with the help of merchants and app developers like you. So everything is easy to find, with terms you are familiar with.

When you search for apps, you’ll notice your screen’s top categories speak your language, making your searching and browsing as precise as possible. This enhancement ensures that you can easily find the best-selling apps in the Shopify App Store.

Want to convert more visitors into buyers? Just check the “Sales and Conversions” section. There, you have all the subcategories: “Cross-selling” and “Up-selling,” ordered according to your needs or requirements for easy business purchase. Everything is sorted to bring you the most relevant information for your business.

Shopify apps

Simplified Listings Make It Easy to Find the Perfect App for Your Business

You spoke, and we listened. After reviewing your feedback, we redesigned the app listings in the Shopify App Store with your favorite details in mind. The key details are front and center, so seeing what each app does is easier. This update is part of our commitment to being among the best sellers in the Shopify app store by giving clear descriptions and ease of use.

Compared with other apps, it will be much more accessible from the app listing pages.

That makes it easy, as the features can be compared side by side, and they can decide whether the application suits their needs. Here’s the summarized core of our Shopify app development approach—which is meant to make your decisions even clearer and quicker.

We’ve also enhanced how we display app pricing. Prices will be set in clear tiers reflecting the value they bring to your business so that you can easily recognize what each level will offer and how it relates to the growth of your business. All these transparent pieces are set to ensure better planning and that the apps chosen are fit for the development of your business.

Search Is Now More Precise Than Ever

We understand that search is your primary means of discovery for Shopify apps, so we optimize our system to ensure that the top apps for your Shopify store show first. We’ve taken our data and put it to work. Ensure the best, most pertinent, and beneficial apps come up first to enable you to make quick and informed decisions.

To make your search quicker, the results now show essential information at a glance.

You will find everything from free trial periods to app ratings to clear and concise descriptions of what each app offers. All this is courtesy of the hard work our Shopify Plus experts put in their commitment to making your life easier.

Further, by introducing user-friendly tools, we have enabled you to drill down over the search results, fitting the new app categories or by price. Once you place a keyword, you can filter your research to a suitable choice.

These improvements make the method of finding the proper apps in your commercial enterprise much quicker, saving you effort and time.

Personalized App Recommendations Just for You

We’ve tuned our app recommendation engine with the success patterns we’ve seen across our merchants’ businesses. This is why, when you sign in to your Shopify account, we’ll recommend only the top marketing apps for new Shopify stores that your business would benefit most from.

You will also find suggested apps that you buy alongside recommendations for using the Shopify apps in ways that would not be considered. This was built based on feedback from our Shopify Plus Agency Partners on ways we can provide new ideas about increasing the efficiency of your Store.

The above are personal recommendations that help save time for the right apps to optimize your Store’s running. Their recommendations will improve and become more accurate with time since you will use the platform more frequently.

A More Streamlined and Intelligent Shopify App Store

We redesigned the new Shopify App Store with new and existing merchants in mind, making it easier for them to find exactly what you need and even discover apps you never knew were essential. They are the best-selling apps in the Shopify App Store; look no further. The new Store has got you covered and eased the process for you.

From browsing to searching and looking at tailored recommendations, consider the Shopify App Store a personalized consultant on apps—just for you. As your recommendations and more merchants continue to use and benefit from these apps, your recommendations will grow sharper and more functional. This update tells us to keep developing Shopify apps to ensure your Store is up-to-date and meets your needs.

Best Apps Available in the Shopify App Store

Check out our curated list of best-in-class apps in the Shopify App Store, each handpicked to meet Shopify’s App Design Guidelines.

  1. Matrixify

Use it for Store management

How it works: Matrixify is exactly what one may need when a huge chunk of data in a Shopify store needs to be updated, imported, or exported en masse. Importing and exporting data from your Store can be done in bulk using Excel or CSV files.

Suppose you are migrating from another platform to Shopify. In that case, there is no better way to transpose all your products, customers, and orders than with Matrixify. That’s why this tool makes the whole migration process a breeze—hence, it is trendy among the best-seller apps at the Shopify App Store. Pricing: Free To – $200/month

It’s another excellent example of an innovative solution by a Shopify Plus agency to smoothen and improve the Store’s management.

  1. Event Ticketing

Use it for Store management and store design. How it works: Create, sell, and scan event tickets with ease, all from right within the app. Available with Event Ticketing is the ability to customize tickets for your brand. Sell directly from your online Store and scan ticket barcodes with your smartphone or tablet.

It works with the Apple Wallet, so customers can find it much easier to store the tickets on their phones. No wonder this app is one of the top sellers on the Shopify App Store—it makes your work in ticketing management and selling events easier.

Event Ticketing is also great for cross-selling and upselling. By integrating tickets into your Shopify store, you can present the customer with associated products or upsells at checkout and enhance their shopping experience. Apart from improved sales, having everything accessible also helps increase customer satisfaction.

Pricing: From free up to $999/month

  1. Warnify: Pro Warnings

Use it for Store design

How it works: Warnify helps make talking to your customers easier using pop-ups. Let your customers know about low stock, shipping delays, or your next Store closing long before they reach the checkout page. These fully customizable popups allow you to ensure they are in line with your store style.

You can target the countries, states, or provinces that see this message. This functionality makes Warnify one of the top-rated apps for Shopify stores, as it helps maintain good communication with your shoppers.

If anything does, this is one app that shows the absolute genius of Shopify app development. By providing such suitable communication tools, Warnify lets you have an excellent shopping experience, and the store owner manages the customers’ expectations way better than it would be possible without it.

Pricing: From free up to $9.95/month

  1. Crowdfunder

Use it for Selling products, store management

How it works: Turn your Shopify store into a hub for crowdfunding campaigns. Pre-orders, launching new product ranges, limited editions—whatever you’re handling, it’s got you covered. Crowdfunder is even a great help for non-profits to streamline fundraising for various causes or charities.

Crowdfunder is one of those marketing apps that are said to be one of the best for new Shopify stores. Through this app, users can take control of their campaigns and market them well.

Built lovingly by expert Shopify Plus developers, Crowdfunder comes fully equipped and supported to ensure your fundraising is a win-win for everyone. Beyond just helping you manage your campaigns, this app improves your operation with patrons and clientele.

Pricing: 24$/month

apps for Shopify

  1. Bulk Discount Code Bot

Use it for Marketing and conversion

How it works: The app ensures the discount codes aren’t going to undeserving hands by generating unique single-use ones. You can bulk load these directly into your favorite email marketing tool, send personalized discounts directly to your customers, and get to sell more.

This is a perfect and ingenious solution offered directly at the Shopify App Store to keep your promotions secure and exclusive, adding significant value to your marketing effort and customer satisfaction.

Pricing: From free up to $99 /month

  1. Quiz Kit: Personalized Quizzes

Use it for Marketing and conversion

How It Works: Design custom branded quizzes in just a few minutes using the Quiz Kit; learn their preferences using quiz results, then recommend products depending on the results from the preferences.

Every result of the quiz would give the customer the product that he needs, resulting in personalized product recommendations, thereby giving him a unique shopping experience, which can drive sales.

This tool, developed by professional Shopify developers, ensures that your quizzes are not only beautiful but very effective in increasing your customers’ engagement and, in turn, driving up your conversions.

Pricing: From free up to $249/month

  1. VF Image Optimizer

Use it for Store design, marketing, and conversion

How it works: VF Image Optimizer works best to make your pictures on the site even better. The platform utilizes state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies, which essentially means adjusting, cropping, resizing, and framing the size of your pictures.

It even makes adding watermarks and alt texts much more accessible for site optimization in search engines (SEO). The best Shopify Plus design agency develops this app to ensure that your images look perfect, but they also help you achieve excellence in your site performance and searchability.

Pricing: From accessible up to $38.99/month

  1. EasyRoutes Delivery

Use it for Orders and shipping, store management

Managing deliveries could easily be replaced by ‘headache,’ but not with EasyRoutes. It is an app that helps prepare optimized delivery routes, assigns them to your drivers, and keeps your customers updated through real-time tracking pages and delivery status notifications.

Find it at the Shopify App Store. EasyRoutes handles all the hassle regarding local delivery management and lets you notify your customers when they should expect their deliveries.