15 Outstanding E-commerce Website Designs and Their Keys to Success

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E-commerce Website designs deal with the consideration of knocking the socks out of the customers ‘ eyes. An attractive and resourceful design gives your store the required power to attract customers and, in turn, increases your sales.

Research shows that in only 50 milliseconds, people decide to stay/not to keep on your website. That means you get just a split second to make a first impression. This is where a great website design comes into play for your e-commerce business.

Whether setting up your first online store or thinking of giving your current store a facelift, this guide will help. It includes inspiring examples of e-commerce websites, tips on choosing the right platform, and advice—it should be right.

4 Key Elements of Outstanding E-commerce Website Design

The best e-commerce websites share a common trait: they focus on the user experience from the first visit to after the purchase. Here are four key things every e-commerce business should think about when designing a website.

① Gaining Customers’ Trust

First-time visitors to an e-commerce store or a website do not know anything about the brand, product quality, or the company’s ability to make customers happy. Deals might grab their attention, but they’ll need to trust you before they make a purchase.

Building Trust with Your E-commerce Website Designs

Customer trust is hard to earn, especially when you’re just starting. To help build confidence, make sure your website includes these essential elements.

Contact Information

Any good e-commerce website design company will tell you that contact information is crucial. Provide an email and if possible, a phone number and mailing address on your Contact page and in the footer section. This information, along with an About page, helps potential customers feel they’re they’re buying from real people.

Return Policy

A solid return policy can boost trust and sales. If you’re a web designer in Dubai, you know how important this is. A return policy makes sending back products they don’t like easier and increases sales by reducing cart abandonment. Knowing they can return an item without any hassle builds customer confidence.

Technical Certifications

When working with an e-commerce website design agency, ensure your site shows technical certifications. For example, adding Shopify Payments gives you advanced security features to protect your customers’ information. Display security badges and payment method logos to show your site is safe.

Reviews & Testimonials from Customers

Customer reviews also help establish credibility for your products or services. For e-commerce website design and development, adding reviews pays off big time. Most e-commerce solutions can integrate with other apps to import images of customers, Instagram feeds, likes, reviews, etc.

These reviews create an impression on new clientele that this particular brand they are dealing with is reputable. When Shopify theme development targets the mentioned aspects to enhance trust, achieving a more favourable online shopping environment is possible.

② Making Your Site Visually Appealing

Perception is everything for online shoppers. Your e-commerce store makes its first impression in mere milliseconds, so making that first impression count relies on high-quality images, consistent branding, innovative use of psychological design, and clear visual hierarchy.

Product photography should be prominently done in e-commerce website design in Dubai. These pictures represent the product. In case of doubt, have clear pictures taken in a neutral tone or setting from all areas. Also important are the accompanying lifestyle photos, which will further depict how the product will be used or portrayed, thus helping to bring out the look and feel of the brand.

Here’s where colour can add power to your e-commerce website: when colour is used best, it should be attractive so that it draws in interest and maybe even gives an emotional response. It also highlights important areas of your site and directs the customer’s journey. Using colour effectively promotes accessibility.

The fonts you apply to your e-commerce site are as important as the words. A Shopify Plus agency will always suggest using two fonts, making everything easy and clean. Select one font for headers or titles and choose another for body text, thus creating a clear hierarchy.

This is where psychological design principles can help guide customer decisions—position elements, colours, and text to guide the customer’s eyes. For example, the Outdoor Voices homepage’s overall design exudes the brand style’s lifestyle imagery and the aspirational lifestyle related to it. Utilize only a few fonts so that the design looks clean and the visual hierarchy is clear.

By following these best practices, you could create engaging and effective eCommerce website design and development. This would ensure that your Shopify theme development project shines professionally and provides a trustworthy online store.

③ Ensuring Mobile and Desktop Friendliness

In using personal gadgets and mobile devices in the US, it is forecasted that the average day-to-day utilization of mobile phones will be 4 hours and 39 minutes by 2024. Fortunately, if you’re using Shopify to build your business, your store will already be responsive. This means your site will look great and work well on any device, whether a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Focusing on mobile optimization is essential when considering e-commerce website design and development. Personally test the design to ensure the buying process is smooth and easy. If you’re unhappy with it, your customers won’t be, either.

For those looking for cheap e-commerce website design, remember that affordability doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. A good design will still be user-friendly and responsive, ensuring a great shopping experience for all your customers.

④ Creating Easy-to-Use Navigation

Your website navigation should guide customers to your products, quickly moving them along. Good navigation also helps make your site more accessible via SEO so that more people can find it within their search results.

Generally, in e-commerce website designs, you only want a minimal amount of menu headers in your top-level navigation. Be clear and direct with these labels—this is not the time to be clever. Necessary headers to include are:

Shop About Us Bestsellers Contact Us

Remember, additional navigation links, like Return Policy, Terms of Service, and Contact Us, go in your footer—the section at the bottom of your website.

If you’re a Dubai web designer, these practices will help create a user-friendly and effective website. A good website should be easy to navigate to fulfil your client’s needs to find what they want in the shortest time possible, hence making their shopping experience a good one and increasing your chances of making a sale.

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15 Great E-commerce Website Designs and Why They Succeed

The best e-commerce website designs consider all of these elements, being clean, attractive, and user-friendly; hence, they are brand and product envoys. Here are some e-commerce website demos to give you a running start:

① Thesus

Sustainable shoe store Thesus (formerly Alice + Whittles) excels at building trust with customers by offering a super-easy online shopping experience. The website clearly shows its shipping and returns policy and provides an option to pay in instalments for those who can’t pay upfront. Stellar customer support is highlighted on the homepage, with a handy size chart and return links.

An e-commerce website design agency can help create similar trust-building features. Effective e-commerce website design and development ensure that customers feel confident and comfortable shopping on your site.

② Welly

Welly has positioned itself as a fun, first-aid brand with cute, convenient packaging and kid-friendly bandage designs. This fun brand style is woven through its colourful website, which has a catchy copy and a clear “Shop Now” button. The homepage is bold and dynamic without feeling cluttered.

For those working on Shopify theme development, Welly’s site shows how to blend a playful brand aesthetic with a user-friendly design.

If you are planning to build an e-commerce website in Dubai, it will be good to follow Welly’s e-commerce website design approach to develop a more innovative, attractive, and concise website that can attract children as well as adults.

③ Fred Jourdain

Artists looking to sell their art online: Take a cue from Fred Jourdain, whose homepage lets the art do the talking since it takes up most of the page. This is the best e-commerce website design because it pays particular attention to showcasing the product beautifully.

His website also includes:

  • Interviews and information about his creative process.
  • Adding these values to the customer, thus,
  • Subtly pushing them to shop his works.

Well, you could do the same and bring in a Shopify Plus agency to help you—the idea is that it’s infinitely accessible for customers to appreciate your work and buy it.


This can be seen in the website’s design, which projects MVMT’s core brand value: “Style shouldn’t break the bank.” The site exudes affordable, stylish watches, eyewear, and jewellery through the sleek and sophisticated use of colours and styling. This is an example of great eCommerce website design and development.

Along with its innovative creations, the website also fosters partnerships with designers. A Trending Now section is also displayed on the homepage, allowing browsers to keep in touch with the latest. So, even a low-cost e-commerce design site can look chic and high-end, offering fabulous value to customers at the very end.

⑤ Pure Cycles

Pure Cycles’ simple design speaks to what is important: why you should care about the brand and what bicycles are selling best. It is a perfect example of an effective design for an e-commerce site.

Their product pages emulate the feeling of seeing the product in person. Close-up pictures of some parts can be examined, some specs learned, and all the information necessary to make an informed decision about buying it can be read. A good e-commerce web design company will create a similar user-friendly and informative layout for your products.

⑥ Verve Coffee Roasters

Verve Coffee Roasters builds trust throughout its e-commerce website through customer reviews. This can be a great inspiration for any web designer in Dubai looking to increase user trust and engagement.

With the evocative language and stylish photography, shoppers will take time to peruse it. Finding products ” classic and delicious,” they are truly so when words describe “the sweetness of golden marmalade.” A good e-commerce website design company can turbocharge your site, making it beautiful and interesting to the buyer, by providing all these features just in the right amount.

⑦ Finn

Finn supplies precisely what pet lovers want: big photos of happy dogs that make them want to spoil their pets. This keeps the e-commerce website design and development actual.

The fonts are simple, with high contrasts, and there is a clear hierarchy of pages that direct a visitor to “Shop Now” or “Take Quiz.” The interactive quiz will reassure customers about their purchases. In the context of Shopify theme development, this may be done precisely and in a manner that guarantees an engaging and user-friendly experience.

⑧ Hardgraft

That creates trust with buyers who want luxury goods but appreciate a rugged, earthy aesthetic. The mission and values of the hard-graft brand are front and centre; it really could not be a more accessible brand to tell what this company stands for. Here is an example of a happiness exercise e-commerce website design in Dubai.

The product pages are fantastic. Sharp and bold images have been used smartly to highlight the key product features and value proposition. Overall, this is the best e-commerce website design for a clear understanding of the benefits of a product offered.

Plus, Hardgraft offers safe worldwide shipping to attract a broad audience worldwide. Coupled with solid branding, clear product information, and reliable shipping, it should be an ideal first stop for the luxury shopper.

⑨ Topo Designs

Outdoor brand Topo Designs presents a unique backdrop that can appeal to its target customers: stylish, outdoorsy youths. Specialized backgrounds in Outdoor wear give it notoriety that most generic brands cannot attain. This is an excellent testament to what a Shopify Plus Agency can bring to the table regarding great creativity and a strong sense of individuality to a brand.

Two other practices in e-commerce website design and development on the Topo Designs site are communicating sales and incentivizing order value with free shipping over a value threshold. The brand also offers a 15% discount for signing up for newsletters to encourage customers to act and engage with the brand better.


Ketnipz is an Instagram comic turned brand empire created by Harry Hambley. Bean, the main character, can be found on murals around the world, across social media, and even tattooed on fans. Ketnipz’s website design perfectly reflects Bean’s quirky personality with bright colours, unique fonts, and seasonal updates for product launches. This shows how a cheap e-commerce website design can still be fun and engaging.

If you’re inspired by Ketnipz and ready to create your online store, it’s time to start your Shopify journey. A well-designed site can capture the essence of your brand and connect with your audience, just like Ketnipz has done.

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⑪ Chubbies

The design of Chubbies Chubbies’ website resonates with its brand values: through engaging product photography and witty copy, it stands out from the rest. It also uses a sidebar navigation menu. These features make the design easy and quick for shoppers to locate their products.

For a business seeking the same kind of success, working with an e-commerce website design company can mean developing a user-friendly site while maintaining the business’s personality.


KITH’s homepage design catches your attention the moment you land on it. Clean yet captivating, the site offers links to treats and content like lookbooks, films, journals, etc. Here is what any Dubai web designer could learn from KITH when balancing simplicity with engaging elements.

Even with a vast catalogue, categorizing products on the KITH website allows easy browsing to find exactly what is being searched. This, in turn, becomes a perfect example for an e-commerce website design agency to organize the shopping experience while keeping the site looking nice.

⑬ Personal Fav

Personal Favorite employs trendy colour palettes and fonts and is just trendy with the provocation of images to attract its target audience. Despite being very bright and colourful in the design, the site did not overdo it. The top-level navigation was straightforward, allowing customers to quickly find the brand mission and product pages while illustrating an eCommerce website’s excellent design and development.

For the Shopify theme developer, Personal Fav is an excellent example of how compelling visuals can be accented with navigational best practices to create a compelling and efficient shopping experience.

⑭ Satya Organic

Browsing Satya Organic’s organic e-commerce website, it’s evident that the brand was one of the focal considerations in its development. When the homepage loads, you can tell that many earthy colours were used in the brand. Clear signals say, “If you’re looking for plant-based goods, this place is IT.” This is indeed one of the best examples of how to design an e-commerce website in Dubai.

Its footer lists the products’ benefits and certifications as USDA Organic, Cruelty-Free, Fragrance-Free, and Indigenous-Owned. The footer’s attention to transparency and detail is among the best design practices that help assure customers through the information about their purchase.

⑮ Beardbrand

This is an Old World approach done with finesse, sophistication, and maturity in showcasing the grooming products on their website. Add in the quiz, founder video, and some good blog posts to attract visitors, let them get to know you, and hold onto that conversion. A Shopify Plus agency could help you build that same immersive experience around your brand.

With thoughtful e-commerce website design and development, Beardbrand keeps customers interested and on the site. This indicates that combining rich media in the most engaging forms with high-quality content could enhance the shoppers’ experience.


For that reason, each of the 15 e-commerce website designs works splendidly because the designers created visually appealing sites that are faithful to their brand messages and reliable for users. Both sites rely on simple, intuitive navigation, appealing graphical images, and such additions as the list of customers sharing their experiences and transparent policies to increase customers’ confidence and make a sale.

So, no matter whether you have picked the web design services from the e-commerce website design company, selected a web designer in Dubai, or planning to Start Your Shopify Journey, it is essential to know that these examples provide an understanding of what makes an e-commerce site good and appealing to the customers.