What is Organic Growth Marketing? The Benefits of Organic Growth Marketing


Investing in organic growth marketing could change the game for your business, how much bang you get for your buck from ads, and how you click with customers for years to come.

Growth marketing is about flexibility and trying new things to promote your business. By digging into research and data, you find smart ways to make new friends and keep the old ones, all while making more money.

If you work with a growth marketing consultant, you get to discover many fresh and creative ways to shout out about your business, sell more stuff, and ensure your customers keep coming back for more.

But you’ve got options on how to do growth marketing. You can either spread your wings naturally, that’s organic growth marketing, or speed things up a bit, which is the other way. Organic growth marketing is about growing your business’s reach without splashing cash on ads. This means you don’t have to rely on paying for clicks on Google or Facebook to get noticed.

Now, let’s talk about how to nail an organic growth marketing plan in 2023, whether you’re selling to other businesses (B2B) or directly to consumers (B2C). Here’s where we bring in the idea of Shopify B2B wholesale as a clever move for those in the B2B lane, showing how platforms like Shopify can help scale up your wholesale game without paying for ads, keeping that organic growth marketing strategy pure and strong.

What is Organic Growth Marketing?

Before we jump into our top advice for a killer organic growth marketing strategy, let’s break down what we’re talking about. Organic marketing is any way of getting the word out that doesn’t involve paying directly for ads.

When you pay for ads, like with PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, banners, or paid posts on social media, that’s called “inorganic” marketing. These methods can give your business a quick boost, but the benefits will wane once you stop throwing money at them. You might see a drop in people checking out your business.

On the flip side, organic marketing strategies, like making cool content, staying active on social media, and sending out engaging emails, keep the momentum going over time. With organic marketing, you’re drawing people in naturally. When we talk about the “growth” part, it’s about mixing in a little trial and error and smart data use. For instance, you could track which blog posts attract the most visitors to fine-tune your content plan.

It’s key to remember that organic growth marketing doesn’t mean you’re getting everything for free. Even though you’re not paying per click or view, you’re still investing in creating content, emailing, and maybe even teaming up with a growth marketing consultant or agency to hit your targets.

Speaking of consultants, bringing in a growth marketing consultant can be a game-changer. They’re like the coaches within the advertising world, guiding you through the maze with records, experiments, and sparkling strategies to ensure your business grows and prospers.

 Lastly, diving into the benefits of organic growth marketing, it’s more than simply saving bucks on ads. It’s about constructing a lasting connection with your target audience. People begin to accept as true and stay up for your content; because of this, they may be more likely to stick around, purchase something, or endorse you to others. It’s like planting a garden; it takes time and care, but the results keep giving.

Benefits of Organic Growth Marketing

Nowadays, everyone’s talking more about getting the word out there naturally, without paying for ads. A study shows that in 2022, about 1 in 5 companies started investing more money into this marketing.

So, why are more folks investing in organic growth marketing? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. It’s a cheaper way to find new customers. You don’t have to shell out big bucks for those clicky ads or flashy banners online.

 But there may be extra to it. This technique isn’t saving cash properly now. It’s like setting up a money-saving plan that maintains giving. Instead of throwing more money at ads all the time, you invest once in a good strategy, and it pays off down the line.

Bringing in a growth marketing consultant can make a big difference, too. They’re like your growth buddies, pointing you toward the best organic growth marketing strategies so you know exactly where to focus your energy for the biggest impact.

And here’s the cherry on top: organic marketing makes people like and trust your brand more. When you focus on creating great content, chatting on social media, and sending out fun emails, you’re not just selling but building a relationship. It’s approximately displaying you are the pass-to man or woman for what they want, which keeps them coming back.

Lastly, let’s talk about those organic growth marketing strategies. Ever heard of Shopify CRO? It’s all about making your online shop user-friendly so more visitors buy stuff. It fits perfectly with the organic vibe because it’s about getting more from the visitors you already have without spending extra on ads.


6 Tips For Organic B2B Growth Marketing

Getting your business to grow through marketing isn’t a one-trick deal. It’s really about trying different things and seeing what sticks, all while keeping an eye on the numbers. But, some pointers can, without a doubt, help, mainly if you’re in the sport of selling to other companies.

So, here are some simple and effective B2B growth marketing tips to help your business bloom in 2024.

1️⃣ Develop a Well-Rounded Content Strategy

Content marketing is key to growing your business, especially for B2B, where decisions take time and require lots of research. Think of it as organic growth marketing. It’s crucial because 9 out of 10 B2B buyers are influenced by online content. Many start shopping by researching up to 70% before talking to sales.

The secret sauce? Cover the whole buyer’s journey with your content, from the start, where they’re asking basics like “What is email marketing software?” to later, comparing products and watching demo videos. This approach showcases the benefits of organic growth marketing by meeting customers at every step, which is a top B2B growth marketing tip.

2️⃣ Make Customer Satisfaction a Top Priority

B2B businesses focus on keeping the same customers for a long time, unlike B2C companies that often see new faces. A small 5% boost in keeping customers can hugely increase profits, showing investing in organic growth marketing is smart.

To keep customers coming back, try these B2B growth marketing moves: Share helpful videos and guides to show the value of what you offer. A growth marketing consultant can help you get feedback and improve your service. Reward your loyal customers with special deals or early access to new stuff, fitting perfectly into organic growth marketing strategies.

For B2B, especially in areas like Shopify B2B wholesale, making things flexible and easy for your clients, like smooth payment options, keeps them happy and sticking around.

3️⃣ Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

For B2B companies, shining on social media, especially LinkedIn, is key to growing your business. It’s not just about getting new leads; it’s about creating and keeping strong connections, which is what organic growth marketing is all about.

LinkedIn is at the top of the list for B2B action. It’s where your team can find future customers, learn about what different businesses need, and share useful stuff like articles or videos. This helps show off your expertise and brings more visitors to your website, which is a big win for organic growth marketing.

Here are some quick b2b growth marketing tips: Make sure your LinkedIn page and your team’s profiles look good. Share content that helps people join discussions in your field and reach out directly to companies to discuss how you can help each other. The goal is to build relationships that last.

4️⃣ Leverage Email Communication

81% of marketers focusing on selling to other businesses (B2B) say email is their go-to for getting the word out. Why? Almost every buyer has an email and checks it often, whether online shopping or scrolling through social media.

 Email helps you to reach out to capacity consumers directly, helping you build relationships and increase sales through the years. It’s a stable B2B growth strategy that is yours to control, making it a smart desire to invest in organic increase marketing.

To nail email marketing, personalize your messages. Split your audience into groups by what they like or need so you can send them stuff they care about. Automating your emails keeps you in touch without missing a beat. A growth marketing consultant can help fine-tune this.

And, if someone starts to drift away, use email to pull them back in with special deals or news. Using Shopify Email marketing is a great tool here, as it aligns perfectly with organic growth marketing strategies, helping you stay connected and relevant.

5️⃣ Host Captivating Events

B2B customers love attending events to learn new stuff, meet people, and keep up with trends. Putting money into event marketing is a smart way to show off your expertise and boost your sales, making it a key part of organic growth marketing.

Even though hosting an event might sound pricey, joining in on conferences or expos related to your industry can be affordable and effective. A whopping 97% of marketing pros say live events greatly help their business, highlighting the benefits of organic growth marketing.

If funds are tight, think about digital or mixed online events. Giants like HubSpot and Salesforce have seen great success with their webinars and online meet-ups. You could also team up with other brands for educational events, serving as a top B2B growth marketing tip to engage your most important customers without breaking the bank.

6️⃣ Smarten Up with Data Usage

Data is like gold in the world of growing businesses, especially if you’re aiming to be a growth marketing expert in Dubai. It helps B2B companies target their marketing just right, keeping up with what’s hot and what your customers think to make your next moves even smarter. This is key when investing in organic growth marketing.

Getting the scoop on this information can be easy with the right tech. For instance, Google Analytics lets you peek into which content your audience digs the most. LinkedIn’s tools can show you what your potential customers like or do.

Think about bringing a growth marketing consultant into the mix. They can help you spot opportunities and understand your customer’s journey using AI tools. With more data, you can sharpen your marketing without spending more, fitting perfectly into organic growth marketing strategies.

6 Tips For Organic B2B Growth Marketing

While many of the tips we’ve discussed for growing your business the organic way can also work for companies selling directly to consumers, some special tricks fit better for these kinds of brands. So, here are our best pieces of advice for B2C growth marketing this year.


1️⃣ Launch Your Own Podcast

Whether marketing to other businesses (B2B) or directly to consumers (B2C), making cool content for every step of a customer’s journey is smart. It’s a way to chat with your audience no matter where they decide to buy, showing the power of organic growth marketing.

Podcasts are getting popular, with over 100 million listeners expected in the US by the end of 2023. They’re a breeze to make and can talk directly about what you’re passionate about, highlighting the benefits of organic growth marketing. They make your brand stand out and show you know your stuff.

Putting podcasts on your site or blog can keep visitors around longer. And the more they listen, the more they’ll want to come back and buy, making investing in organic growth marketing a wise choice.

2️⃣ Foster a Vibrant Community

Creating a community can make a difference for both businesses selling to other companies (B2B) and those selling directly to consumers (B2C). But it’s especially cool for companies targeting a specific group. Thanks to social media like TikTok and Instagram and forums like Reddit, people are all about joining community vibes these days.

Having your community can make your customers more loyal and even turn them into fans who talk up your brand. A growth marketing consultant would tell you it’s also a goldmine for getting honest feedback and figuring out what your customers are after.

Take Lululemon as an example. They’re nailing it with their mix of real-life and online events and sharing customer stories on their site. They even have a special “Studio” for their super fans. For your community, focus on giving value like exclusive stuff or insider info, listen to what your people say, and shout about your community online so everyone knows how to join. This is a solid organic growth marketing strategy and a top B2C growth marketing tip.

3️⃣ Focus on Local SEO Strategies

SEO is a big deal for getting your brand noticed, whether selling to businesses (B2B) or directly to folks (B2C). Most of the time, when someone wants to find something, they start with a search engine. This is where organic growth marketing shines.

For B2C companies, diving deep into SEO can ramp up your sales. Using the right keywords in your blog posts and web pages makes you more visible and builds trust in your brand, highlighting the benefits of organic growth marketing.

But there’s a cool twist you can add, especially if you’re looking to connect more locally. Think about sprucing up your Google My Business page, adding pages to your website for your specific areas, and writing blog posts that shout out to local folks. This targeted approach, including strategies like Shopify SEO, can make a huge difference, making investing in organic growth marketing a smart move for getting closer to your community and boosting your presence.

4️⃣ Design Rewarding Referral Programs

In B2C growth marketing, your customers are super important. They’re not just buying from you; they can also bring in new folks to your business without you having to spend extra on finding new leads. With word-of-mouth, when your customers tell their friends about you, those new customers often trust and value the recommendation.

92% of people trust suggestions from their friends. This trust is a solid base for building great relationships with new and existing customers, something a growth marketing consultant would emphasize as key.

Setting up a referral program is the smartest move to get your customers talking about you. This means rewarding your customers whenever they get someone else to check out your service. You can set up referral programs that give your customers special links to share or offers to pass on, which fits into organic growth marketing strategies.

To make your referral program even better, think about giving rewards to the friend who’s sharing and the new customer. If everyone gets a little thank you, like a discount or free shipping, they will likely keep participating. This approach is one of the top B2C growth marketing tips for keeping your customers engaged and attracting new ones.

5️⃣ Collaborate with Social Media Influencers

Smart social media moves can speed up your growth for selling to businesses (B2B) and directly to people (B2C). In B2C, you’re not stuck with just business sites like LinkedIn. You can spread your wings with organic growth marketing on various social channels, picking the ones where your future customers hang out.

Say you’re after the younger crowd; TikTok and Instagram are where it’s at. Looking to connect with a broader audience? Facebook and LinkedIn might be your go-to. Regularly posting cool and useful stuff is a solid start, but you can up your game by teaming up with the right folks.

Influencer marketing is a powerhouse strategy nowadays. Getting an influencer to show off your brand is a super-effective way to get noticed and trusted on social media, showcasing the benefits of organic growth marketing.

And you don’t have to break the bank; smaller influencers, or micro-influencers, can be budget-friendly. Take Fashion Nova, for example. They work with about 5,000 micro-influencers to create relatable and engaging content. This is a savvy move for investing in organic growth marketing, letting you spread the word without spending a fortune.

6️⃣ Embrace User-Generated Content

Your customers can do more than tell their friends about you to help your business grow. In selling directly to people (B2C), using a smart plan to gather and share your customers content can kick your growth into high gear.

Research says that stuff made by users, like photos, reviews, or videos, is seen as trustworthy and real by other customers. At a time when folks are seeking real connections with brands, this user-made content (or “UGC””) could be your golden ticket to B2C growth marketing success, something a growth marketing consultant would agree with.

Here’s how you can make user-generated content a big part of your organic growth marketing efforts: Let customers leave reviews and comments on your product pages and website, and then share these reviews on social media, in emails, and on your blog.

Consider creating a special hashtag for your brand, like Nike’s #JustDoIt, to get people posting about your products. And remember to share real stories from your customers, just like Airbnb does on its blog. These steps are top B2C growth marketing tips to make your brand stand out and build trust with potential customers.